Aspen Optics to change how engineers work

August 5, 2016

Aspen Optics will be the first to launch a configuration tool which can be used by both system integrators (SIs) and internet service providers (ISPs), and will act as a generator for fiber network connections, offering instant recommendations.

Engineers will now need to spend less and less time developing connections through trial and error, yet the tool will ensure that the quality and cost implications are at their very best for all parties involved.

Of course this is a great asset to anyone involved, from SIs to large enterprises.

Aspen Optical Ethernet Configurator is already available to the public.

The configurator will automatically assess the climate of the connection, from the hardware being used and its compatibility, to its interoperability, transmission mode and the distance to be connected to, in order to submit the best connection for that particular system, or group of systems.

Aspen Optics are of course aiming the product at enterprises, as they are most likely to benefit from the increase in reliability and compatibility, and with reduced evaluation and connection times, the enterprise will need a lot less man hours dedicated to connections.

Before the Configurator, fiber connection in a network deploying devices from multiple vendors was a very complicated and time consuming task.

With the new tool, the industry will snowball into fiber optic expansion, on both a bigger scale and at a much faster speed.

There is no need for complicated manuals, or for help desk to receive huge volumes of calls.

Problems such as how to connect a switch with GBIC ports, to a switch with SPF ports, at a 10km distance, are a simple one click, one answer scenario from now on, leaving the desks open for more serious questions, again increasing the productivity and increasing the prompt service from Aspen.


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