Ip.access and Blue Ocean win Global Telecom award

June 22, 2017

Ip.access and Blue Ocean Wireless have been awarded a Global Telecom Business Innovation Award for their joint effort in creating a global service from Blue Ocean, which uses the ip.access nanoGSMA picocells aboard commercial ships, allowing the crew to use 2G services from the ship for mobile connectivity to merchants.

For their collaborative effort they received an award in the category of wireless network infrastructure innovation, which was handed out in London in front of a group of global senior telecom executives.

The device essentially allows crew members to use GMS mobiles to make calls and send SMS messages via the ip.access nanoGSM, even when there is not a notable signal from their supported network due to the fact they are out at sea.

Ip.access is best known for its Oyster 3G femotocell that is able to increase the amount of mobile coverage that a customer can access, and can improve 3G access at home and elsewhere while also cutting down the costs.

In fact, the Oyster 3G is one of the world’s most used solution in terms of picocell since it is able to provide support including GPRS, EDGE, and GMS for ships, rural customers, offices, passenger aircraft, and shops.

Ip.access is also going to deploy another common solution, the nanoBTS picocell system at the f1 Monaco Grand Pix, to help Monaco Telecom boost its mobile network during the crowded event.

This will allow for an extended GSM coverage area and an overall larger network capacity so that fewer network interruptions will disrupt users’ calls and so that fewer calls will be dropped in general.


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