BBC iPlayer Usage Ascends to New Heights

February 11, 2016

The BBC iPlayer has assisted in advancing the free-to-view TV use in the UK.

Media analyst firm, Screen Digest, has published information illustrating 0.8bn TV streams and downloads were initiated by UK broadband users in 2015. Their analysis demonstrates that video streams originating from the BBC, including iPlayer account for 38% of total free-to-view streams in the UK.

The BBC newly released a Flash based iPlayer that permits users on any operating system to view the content available via the iPlayer website. This is a huge advance to iPlayer as it removes the necessity to download a distinct application to watch the content. Additionally it helps resolve an issue where a number of users experienced a clash when iPlayer and the 4oD software, Channel 4’s online streaming service, were together installed.

The Flash player will also profit broadband consumers by leveraging streaming as opposed to a peer-to-peer distribution method.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to ascertain if iPlayer is actually thriving as much Screen Digest claims. Competing firm, Hitwise, released contradictory information earlier this year, stating that iPlayer usage has soared, but remains behind YouTube in online video in the UK.0

Hitwise statistics did omit viewers using the downloadable iPlayer software. Only time will tell how successful the iPlayer really is.


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