FTTH Quick Start Program from Occam

April 10, 2016

Occam Networks, Inc has created the FTTH Quick Start Program, that enables telecommunications service providers to quickly and efficiently turn up fiber-based deployments, especially those using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for VoIP.

Occam is introducing FTTH Quick Start in three different packages, each able to be customised to a telco’s specific needs. The Basic Package includes an Occam technical support engineer working in person at the customer site and assisting telco staff in the basic installation and configuration of the first optical network terminals.

The engineer will also provide hands-on training on optical line terminal provisioning, optical network terminals configuration scripts including SIP end point provisioning, and DHCP management.

For telcos new to deploying fiber, FTTH Quick Start Program is available with an Outside Plant (OSP) package that may be added to the Basic Package. In the OSP Package, an Occam field engineer will work onsite and assist telco technicians with fiber installation, qualification and turn up. This may include activities such as fiber splicing, light meter usage, ONT mounting and line qualification.

Occam also offers a DHCP Plus Package. Telcos can add this to the Basic Package for engineers who would like extra training time spent on DHCP and ONT provisioning. Occam will provide a technical support engineer to assist the telco’s staff with the installation and configuration of its DHCP/TFTP servers.

This package will assist telcos in turning up new or reviving older DHCP/TFTP servers and customising them to fit specific needs, as well as cover how to set up and maintain a fiber deployed network. The DHCP Plus Package also includes the installation and set up of the ONT Configuration Manager (OCM). Occam’s technical support engineer will install OCM onto the telco’s DHCP/TFTP server and demonstrate how to easily manage the ONT network.

Occam Networks’ broadband access solutions enable service providers to offer profitable new voice, data and video services over copper and fiber. More than 1.8 million BLC 6000 ports are currently deployed at over 270 service providers in North America and the Caribbean.


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