TalkTalk make Phorm optional

March 13, 2016

TalkTalk have taken the respectable decision to only pass on your browsing behavior to Phorm if you opt in to their system. As opposed to using the formerly mentioned technique of opting out based on a cookie on your computer that identifies you as an opt-out, TalkTalk will employ a different system that will indicate customers will have no contact in any way with any feature of the Phorm service unless they explicitly opt-in.

This is a clear-cut step in the right direction to make certain users aren’t unintentionally included if they manage to clear their cookies for example, and it is hoped that Virgin Media and BT reflect on this as the best way forward and make sure that their systems are also opt-in.

This then leaves the responsibility on Phorm to guarantee that the system is compelling enough to attract customers, but furthermore means that the ISP will get less income from it, which may be a deterrent to make it opt-in, particularly with the figures (an estimated £85million to BT) that Phorm will bring in.


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