ZyXEL new bonded ADSL2+ gateway

September 1, 2017

ZyXEL Communications Corp announced today that it now has a bonded ADSL2+ gateway that can provide support for 802.11n home networks that may help with chokepoints within the home.

The gateway operates from the simple premise that by supporting throughputs that are similar in nature both in a home’s wireless and wired networks it will erase the problems previously seen with the 802.11n.

The new product also comes equipped with a firewall and a four port switch, which is pretty handy since most homes no longer have just one computer to connect or computer accessory device.

The main goal of the ADSL2+ gateway is to double the downloading speeds that were first introduced by using copper-based IPTV deployment concepts, so that top speeds of 48Mb/s can be offered.

Of course, most homes will only see speeds of 20-30Mb/s, but this is still an improvement on the normal download speeds of its predecessors.

Technically, by building in the new gateway with built in 802.11g, users could theoretically reach up to speeds of 54Mbit/s but this is highly unrealistic once you throw in the real world constraints such as distance from exchange and user conditions within the home.

David Thompson, the product marketing director said that currently the main targets for the new gateway from ZyXEL will be Tier 2 and 3 telecoms and other independent operators with some trials already underway.


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