HomePNA Biggest Home Network Provider in North America

September 5, 2016

The HomePNA Alliance is riding high on figures that show its technology is in use with more telcos in North America than any other provider, and that the company’s HomePNA is now found in more homes in the region than any other coax home networking solution.

If that wasn’t enough cause for celebration they have also announced that Canadian telecommunications company, TELUS, is to use HomePNA 3.1 for its TV service.

HomePNA is capable of providing a wired home network with 320 Mbit/s of data using existing coax cables.

The company claims that wired systems are far more reliable and efficient than WiFi, which it believes struggles to deliver triple play services in particular HDTV IPTV video

HomePNA has won huge amounts of orders and is currently installing around 15,000 networks each week across the globe.

HomePNA has the advantage of working not only via coax cables but also phone wires.


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