Altobridge reduces transmission costs

June 18, 2016

Speaking at CommunicAsia 2016, Mike Fitzgerald of wireless application solution provider, Altobridge, highlighted transmission costs as the main barrier to overcoming the digital divide.

Fitzgerald said that lower transmissions costs are the key to connecting more subscribers, including those in remote communities.

Over the past five years, Altobridge has achieved several major technology breakthroughs, which can significantly reduce costs for mobile operators, including its Local Connectivity solution and its Split Communications Architecture.

The Local Connectivity solution keeps local traffic local, thereby eliminating the cost of traffic being backhauled, back and forth across the network, with no adverse affects on the standard signaling protocols of the core network.

As 70% of traffic in emerging markets is local, this is considering a significant development.

Altobridge’s ’split communications architecture’ splits the core network element that controls base stations.

This creates an ‘on-demand’ solution, allowing the transmission link to be controlled and used more efficiently.

The innovative architecture can reduce the bandwith demand of voice calls down to between 5 and 8 Kbits/s per call.

Altobridge has combined these two technology developments with a remote Base Station, providing MNOs with the most operationally efficient communications solution for remote communities currently available.


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