Broadcom switches accelerate mobile and broadband networks

November 18, 2017

Broadcom Corporation has launched a new range of Ethernet switches for service provider networks.

The switches will allow mobile and broadband service providers to deploy next-generation network infrastructure equipment, while benefiting from lower capital outlay and reduced running costs.

The switches support the delivery of both mobile and broadband services across a single IP backbone.

BT welcomed the news with Gabriele Corliano, Chief Researcher—Network Research & Technology Strategy, saying:

“BT recognizes the potential for Ethernet to cost-effectively deliver the high bandwidth network required of modern access technologies.

“We are very encouraged by Broadcom’s development of Ethernet switches that support the necessary protocols and technologies that will allow us to roll out new and diverse value-add services.”

Broadcom recently announced that it was making its BroadVoice family of voice codecs available free of charge in order to encourage system developers to use its solutions.


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