UK reaches 6 million unbundled broadband lines

August 11, 2017

Over 6 million UK homes and businesses are connected to the Internet on an unbundled broadband line, Ofcom has revealed.

Figures compiled by the Office Of TIMYs Adjudicator show 6,009,593 unbundled broadband lines in the UK during July 2017.

Unbundled lines are offered by independent ISPs such as Carphone Warehouse and O2 providing services over BT’s existing copper wire network.

The practice, known as local loop unbundling, began in 2005 following an agreement between Ofcom and BT.

Now 30 different companies offer unbundled Internet services to homes and small businesses in the UK.

Since unbundling was introduced, the proportion of homes and small businesses with a broadband connection has grown from 37% to 65%.

In the same time, broadband prices have dropped from an average of £23.30 per month plus VAT to £13.61 per month plus VAT.

“In just four years, unbundling has gone from a flicker on the dial to a major competitive force in telecoms,” said Ed Richards, Ofcom chief executive.

“This has delivered the dual benefits of driving up broadband take-up and driving down prices.”


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