Brits want faster broadband

September 1, 2017

More than half of Brits want a faster broadband connection, research by discovered this week.

Faster download speeds ranked top of broadband users’ wishlists, requested by 57% of those polled.

One in six (16%) want lower prices, while 12% want better customer service.

Despite the desire for upgrades, three quarters (77%) of those surveyed are satisfied or happy with their current service.

Seven in ten said broadband is “critically important” to their life. Only 1% said broadband is “unimportant”.

“On the surface these results are good news, indicating that most people are satisfied with the service they receive,” said Mark Jackson, editor.

“However nobody should allow themselves to become complacent while such a significant portion is calling for better speed.

“This is not usually because they seek a new super-duper next generation connection but rather because their existing service is failing to deliver upon its original promises.”


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