Redback Networks’ big Indian deal

May 16, 2016

Ericsson owned Redback Networks Inc., manufacturers of video-centric routers for three quarters of the largest triple-play networks, have announced a deal to supply broadband-on-demand for Bharti Airtel LTD, aka, Airtel, who are India’s biggest private telecom provider.

Redback’s SmartEdge 400 router platform and NetOp policy management software will supply pre-paid and on-demand broadband services for Airtel broadband fixed line subscribers.

Airtel has in excess of 55 million subscribers making it the largest private telecom provider in India.

Redback and Ericsson will assist Airtel in the unification of its fixed and mobile telephone infrastructure.

Redback’s routers manage data, voice and video services for over 75% of the world’s biggest telephone operators.

SmartEdge routers management can include high speed broadband access, edge routing via VoIP or VPN as well as Ethernet aggregation for IPTV.

Redback Networks, details

Redback Networks was taken over by Ericsson at the beginning of 2015. Since then Redback has successfully bid on 100 carrier deals.

They have issued over 100 million broadband subscriber licenses to 75% of the world’s largest telecoms.

Their routing platform runs services such as On-Demand Video, on-line gaming VOIP and others.

Ericsson, details

Ericsson began in 1876 and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is the world’s biggest technology and services provider for telecom operators.

Ericsson services and manages networks used by 185 million subscribers worldwide.

It operates in 175 countries, employing 70,000 employees, with revenues of $27.9 billion last year.


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