The Broadband Forum

June 18, 2016

Previously known as the DSL forum, the organisation has been led to change its name by current developments in technology including the likes of IPTV, to ‘The Broadband Forum’.

The DSL forum has developed strategies and logged reports of current data and solutions to steer the industry standard and industry progress in the right direction.

The forum has enabled operators and manufacturers to draw a line on what is and isn’t acceptable as well as highlighting products that may be classed as exceptional.

The forum now adds PON solutions, and real time application support.

The organization was created in 1994, then known as the DSL forum.

The forum quickly developed into a recognizable judge of modern technology, although their assessments and solutions were not specific to just DSL, but were directed at a broadband market as well.

The name change will not be significant to a sudden change in industry path for the forum, as DSL, fiber and wireless technologies will be no higher on the to do list than each other, but all will still be on the list.


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