Hatteras Networks named top ethernet provider

June 4, 2016

Telecoms industry analyst Heavy Reading has named Hatteras Networks as the world leader in the mid-band ethernet market.

Hatteras leads the increasingly competitive field of ethernet-over-copper technology providers, with operations in six continents across the globe and a 38% worldwide market share in the first quarter of this year.

Until very recently, high broadband speeds were only available over fiber-based connections.

However, Hatteras’s mid-band ethernet allows telecoms providers to offer broadband speed voice and data services of up to 45 Mbps over existing copper telephone lines.

This means that telecoms providers are able to provide ten times more bandwidth at one tenth of the cost.

Stan Hubbard, a senior analyst at Heavy Reading, said that ethernet over copper is “a largely untapped revenue opportunity.”

CEO of Hatteras Networks, Kevin Sheehan, said: “Mid-Band Ethernet is the ideal complement to fiber-based services” and is an essential part of any telecoms service providers portfolio.

He added that improving ethernet-over-copper speeds is crucial to dealing with the “explosive bandwidth needs of businesses and enterprises.”


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