Telarix solves dial code problem

June 4, 2016

Telarix Inc. has today announced a number of solutions that tackle the main problems facing the telecoms industry.

As a provider of business exchange and operational support systems to content providers, IP service providers and global fixed and mobile operators, Telarix is well placed to offer expert solutions.

Two of the main problems facing the telecoms industry include number portability and dial code management.

Countries across the world are increasingly adopting number portability, meaning that customers are able to retain their mobile telephone number as they move from country to country.

This presents network carriers with the problem of rising costs as they become unable to track and charge correctly for international calls.

Telarix’s solution to this is giving customers a network ID instead of a dialling code. This allows network carriers to properly track and rate telecoms traffic, increasing profitability and reducing cost.

Secondly, as more and more businesses and individuals around the world embrace the advantages of mobile communications, the problem of dial codes becomes increasingly complex.

This is because of the need to balance customer demands for short telephone numbers, and telecoms providers’ needs to track and monitor calls between network carriers.

Traditionally, different network carriers were responsible for different dial codes, making it possible to work out the volume of calls between different providers. The rising number of dial codes maks this increasingly difficult.

Telerix’s Customer Specific Destination solution gives telecoms providers the tools to properly monitor customer traffic without the need to rely on dial codes.

Don Lynch, CEO of Telarix, called these solutions ‘next generation’ and ‘industry leading.’


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