AdaptiveMobile To Address Surge In Mobile Traffic

February 27, 2017

As mobile usage increases around the world, and with more and more devices such as Notebooks and enhanced mobile phones like the Storm from Blackberry and the iPhone, the strain on network infrastructure has become increasingly disturbing to network providers.

But a new set of solutions from AdaptiveMobile has solved the problem and saved money for mobile network providers, by recognising the device being used and then steering traffic accordingly.

Originally designed to provide only mobile phone traffic, networks are now handling increasing volumes of computer data generated by the boom in laptops and notebooks.

The new Policy Control Framework from AdaptiveMobile separates mobile phone data from data intended for computers, and not only gives suppliers cost savings, but gives users a much enhanced user experience.

Some of the traffic problems have arisen from viruses and malware that is now being targeted at the mobile phone market.

Last autumn, the Beselo malware virus attacked one operator’s smartphone clients, with nearly 100,000 infections being recorded in one day.

This was up from a previous average of infection incidents of only 70,000 a year.

But, because the virus doesn’t replicate itself very well, AdaptiveMobile’s Gareth Maclachlan said that on average only about one in ten MMS users get infected over any six month period.


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