Mobile data usage soars according to Orange index

December 12, 2015

Orange has published its second Digital Media Index which shows how its customers are using their mobile phones.

The index, which covers a three-month period to the end of August 2015, shows that the use of mobile data is booming, with growth in picture messaging, texting and mobile internet usage, among other activities.

According to Orange’s research there was a 37% surge in picture messaging during the period. Over 1 million photos were uploaded from mobile phones to online photo albums in August.

Text messaging was up 25% to over 1 billion text messages a month.

Mobile internet usage was also up, with Oranges Internet portal, Orange World, receiving 2.34 million monthly visitors.

Music downloads increased 15% to 295,000 over the three months, with game downloads also up, by 3.4%, to 691,032.

The company recorded strong demand for mobile television services, with revenues almost double expectations.

Overall, mobile data services accounted for nearly 22% of Orange’s network revenue in the last nine months.


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