Customer 2.0 ‘impatient’ with ‘high expectations’

August 13, 2017

Today’s mobile internet users are “impatient and hungry for information”, according to a new report on customer loyalty by Informa Telecoms & Media.

Customer 2.0 has a short attention span and actively performs a vast-array of connected activities in real time.

Expectations of these customers “are likely to alter from moment to moment as their context and lifecycle changes,” Informa said.

As such, marketing data should be collected in “real time” with adverts responding to immediate customer needs rather than being based on “historic information”.

Emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America are a “step ahead” at responding to customer needs in real time, Informa said.

Mobile customers in developed markets, meanwhile, “are not receiving communication at the point when it is most relevant.”

“There is a huge opportunity for operators to maximise their assets and improve their ability to deliver to Customer 2.0’s underlying satisfaction drivers,” said Sue Uglow, Informa analyst.

“For this to happen, real-time marketing needs a mindset change.

“There needs to be a shift towards responding in now-time to customer initiated triggers via an automated response.

“This will massively reduce time-to-market, improve relevance to customers and delivering to their satisfaction drivers at the moment of opportunity.”


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