Vodafone launches ebook service

October 7, 2016

Mobile operator Vodafone has announced a new ebook download service for its customers.

Partnering up with GoSpoken, Vodafone is offering its customers the opportunity to purchase audiobooks and ebooks for between £5 and £15, with the cost of the book being added to the user’s monthly bill.

GoSpoken.com was set up by Tony Lynch, in partnership with SAS novelist Andy McNab, to take advantage of new high speed downloads made possible by HSDPA networks.

HDSPA means that customers wishing to download a three hour audio book can do so in just three minutes.

At the same time, mobile phone screens are becoming bigger and brighter with the launch of handsets such as the iPhone and the G1.

After a hugely successful trial selling 15 minute stories over iTunes, Lynch and McNab decided to go all the way and make a website dedicated to selling audiobooks and ebooks for mobile phones.

Their enthusiasm has meant that every leading publisher in the UK is now on board, including Penguin, Random House and Harper Collins.

However, with less than 200 books available on their site, it remains to be seen whether or not the service will really take off.


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