MeettheBoss: social networking for telecoms executives

May 5, 2017

Social networking was launched to the masses in 2004 when Facebook first dipped its toes into the worldwide web.

Five years later, exclusive social networking for the powerful and mighty has arrived, with the launch of

MeettheBoss is open solely to chief executives, and proudly boasts of ‘the secure walls that surround the site’.

Initially only available to finance bosses, MeettheBoss recently opened its gates to CEOs in the telecoms industry.

However, it has already had to cap membership for telecoms executives to 21,000, with a private club waiting list of hundreds waiting to join.

According to MeettheBoss CEO Spencer Green, meetings on the site are ‘like corporate UN summits’.

“We have the highest level executives attend and we’ve built up good relationships with them because of that,” Green said.

The site, which first opened in September last year, has been aided by the credit crunch.

As firms find their profits squeezed by tight consumer spending, executives have become more open to looking for ideas, and sharing their own ideas with others.

With telecoms suffering the brunt of this more than most sectors, MeettheBoss will no doubt enable savvy chief executives to weather the financial storm.

Current MeettheBoss members include executives from Vodafone, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), and France Telecom (Orange).


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