Ericsson and Intel to release cutting edge MID

October 20, 2016

Sweden-based telecoms manufacturer, Ericsson, is working with chipset provider, Intel, to put cutting edge mobile broadband technology into handheld devices.

The two companies are collaborating to put HSPA mobile data solutions inside Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), expanding Ericsson’s 3.5G mobile broadband product range.

MIDs are pocket sized devices that offer a PC style internet experience.

They incorporate entertainment and media with GPS navigation, social networking, online gaming, instant messaging and productivity tools.

Enhancing the 3G capabilities of MIDs will give users a faster and more enjoyable experience using these tools.

The HSPA MID devices will be released by Ericsson sometime in 2017/10.

They will incorporate Intel’s new Moorestown chipset platform.

Moorestown processors integrate a 45nm processor, graphics, memory controller and video encoder/decoder into a single chipset.

The platform will support a range of wireless technologies, including GPS, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Bluetooth and Mobile TV.


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