Tiscali Migration Details Leaked

January 28, 2016

The Register has completed further investigations, following on from the details released last week in relation to the migration of Pipex users to the Tiscali LLU network, and has been informed by an internal source from one of the Pipex brands Tiscali acquired of supplementary information behind the actions.

A source inside Tiscali stated “The logic is that we’ll save more money placing customers on the Tiscali backhaul per month than we will lose from customers migrating away.”

“So far we’ve had our SMTP Servers replaced with Tiscali’s Iron Ports and now we’ve been forced to replace our DNS Servers with Tiscali’s.”

There is also an indication that Tiscali means to consign a full block on any peak time peer-to-peer traffic.

This will impact on not only the frequently used networks used for file sharing, but also services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD which also use peer-to-peer to issue content.

It should come as surprise that Tiscali, a subject of recent sell off speculation, will try and decrease costs as much as possible, whilst maximising profits to make the company a more attractive buy.

Evidence of this direction has already been seen with the objective of offering quad-play services to customers later this year.


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