Sony Ericsson targets emerging markets

January 28, 2016

Sony Ericsson is expected to launch 5-6 entry level mobile phone handsets this year, targeted at emerging markets. Production of these newly released models is to be outsourced to Taiwan-based OEMs Arima Communications and Chi Mei Communication Systems (CMCS).

Total shipments from these companies is predicted at 15-18 million units, compared to the 8.5 million handsets that Sony bought from Taiwan-based companies in 2015.

CMCS is to manufacture the R306 radio, as well as some additional handset models to be released later this year. Arima has been given the production of the T270, T280 and R300 radio, and will be given 1-2 more handsets later in 2016.

The T270 and T280 are expected to be released in the first quarter, the R300 in the second quarter, and the R306 in the third quarter.


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