Use Apple iPhone to Make Payments

September 16, 2016

A new phrase that you may be hearing soon at your local Tesco could be “will that be cash, charge or iPhone sir?”

That is the plan from Enterprise 2.0 company WorkLight as they move into what they believe to be a possible highly lucrative field – business transaction made using the Apple iPhone.

WorkLight are launching their new payment system that makes use of the iPhone as a way to make payments instead of cash, credit and charge cards.

The new service is very secure, according to the company, and will enable customers to track their transactions any place, any time.

It is estimated that the ever lasting high sales of mobile phones will not slow down this year and in fact are already up more for the first quarter of the year at nearly 295 million units world wide.

It’s expected that the second quarter will top 300 million.

Total sales for the year will be up 11% on last year, at somewhere around 1.28 billion hand held magic talking machines shipping for the twelve month period.

Apple has reported that over 1 million units of the latest release of the iPhone 3G device were sold in only the first few days after it was made available.

WorkLight see the new system being very useful for all kinds of business transactions in particular such industries as travel and hospitality, financial services, healthcare, utilities and a whole host of others.

The new WorkLight Server also includes new security capabilities that specifically address Web 2.0 security risks.

The company wants to take no risks with the possibility of a security failure that may tarnish its reputation, so it is enabled to combat phishing with prevention mechanisms, such as secure provisioning, personally-registered gadgets and an enhanced secure login process.

This is the company’s 15th Web 2.0 platform supported gadget that includes personalized homepages, social networks, RSS, social tagging and bookmarking, and you can bet that this will not be the last mobile device that will be capable of paying for your tins of beans while playing Metallica hits at the supermarket checkout.


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