HTC increase investment in Shanghai plant and decrease employee bonuses

March 3, 2016

High Tech Computer (HTC) has announced that investment in its Shanghai plant will increase to US$42.96 million. The previous investment plans were just US$15.5 million.

Cher Wang, HTC’s chairman, has been authorised by the company’s board of directors to invest the extra money to keep up with the current market conditions.

In the same board meeting HTC decided that Hsintien, Taipei, will be the new location of the company’s R&D headquarters. The board authorised the purchase of a plot of land in Hsintien valued at US$108 million.

Furthermore, it was decided to award 18% of the company’s 2015 after-tax profits as a bonus to employees. This is less than the 30% of after-tax profits that were awarded to employees for 2006.


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