400Mbps powerline communications technology from DS2

October 18, 2015

DS2, the Spanish powerline chip specialist, has developed technology that will allow next generation powerline products to operate at a peak data rate of 400Mbps. Demonstrations of the 400Mbps powerline technology will be featured at the invitation-only technology launch in New York City in November 2015.

The company anticipates that initial applications are likely to include multi-room IPTV and HDTV networked entertainment services, and networked personal video recorders. Multiple video streams will require bandwidth sufficient to support five or more simultaneous video streams.

DS2 400Mbps technology will be available in next generation products from DS2 on time to satisfy the demands for extra bandwidth in the digital home and last mile applications that most analysts predict will happen from 2017 onwards.

DS2’s 400Mbps technology will be compatible with existing 200Mbps products from DS2, ensuring a seamless migration path for existing users and designs, and will comply with the evolving standards.

Jose Calero, CTO at DS2, has said that increased bandwidth requirements for multimedia networking applications is one of the key requirements that suppliers to the home networking, networked entertainment and last-mile BPL markets are looking for from future technology specifications.

DS2 is well on the way to developing its 3G technology to ensure that suppliers will have the products available to meet the demand for multimedia applications in the future.

The new technology builds on the success of DS2’s 200Mbps technology, already used and tested by leading operators that include Belgacom, British Telecom, Portugal Telecom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia and Telia Sonera.

During 2016, DS2 is planning the delivery of additional features in the 200Mbps technology, as well as reducing manufacturing costs, to give DS2 the edge in meeting customer demand for increased customisation of today’s powerline enabled multimedia applications.

DS2 intends to continue to maintain its low-cost leadership with the 400Mbps generation as well.


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