HTC acquires One & Co design house

December 3, 2016

Taiwan-based handset maker High Tech Computer (HTC) has acquired US-based lifestyle design firm One & Company Design (One & Co).

The two companies first worked together in 2006 on the initial design of HTC’s recently released and highly acclaimed Touch Diamond handset.

As well as working with HTC on mobile phone design, One & Co has worked with partners in the footwear, snowboarding, skiing, furniture, packaging, houseware, and timepieces industries.

Well known names who have sought counsel from One & Co include Adidas, Dell, Nike, Microsoft, Kodak, Sony, Coca Cola, Apple, and Motorola.

One & Co will keep its name and current client base, whilst continuing to collaborate with HTC on future smartphone designs.

Together, the companies hope to create an unbeatable force in the world of mobile design.

Scott Croyle, partner at One & Co, said his company is looking forward to creating ‘iconic’ and ‘compelling’ products with HTC.

Horace Luke, HTC’s chief innovation officer, said that design is the key to why consumers either love or hate a product.

Luke added that One & Co’s attributes of creativity, innovation, consumer insight, and a willingness to take risks will help HTC live up to the challenge of integrating iconic design into HTC products.


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