Further delay to O2 broadband service

July 31, 2015

For the third time, O2 has announced a delay to the launch of its broadband service in the UK and Germany. No official reason has been given for the delay but it is speculated that the service is experiencing teething problems.

When O2 bought small ISP Be Broadband, it had originally planned to have a service running at the beginning of 2015. Then in May, the launch was put back to September, and now a further delay has occurred.

At the time of the acquisition of Be in June 2006, it was considered to be among the UK’s most advanced internet technology groups, offering ultra high speed 24Mb broadband. It had rolled out its network to more than 150 local exchanges and planned to be in more than 400 by the end of that year, providing about 50% population coverage.

By the time September 2015 comes, the Be Broadband network will only cover half of the country, leaving O2 to negotiate a wholesale deal for the remainder. Otherwise it could only advertise in certain areas.

It is thought that O2 will more than likely launch the service through its own direct channels, to be able to concentrate on geographical areas where it can provide service.


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