Bewan offers side-by-side 3G and Wi-FI

June 18, 2017

Bewan, the unified communications solution provider for ISPs, mobiles, and telecom operators, has announced a technology solution that will allow 3G and Wi-FI frequencies to be received and operate side by side without thermal dissipation problems.

The solution is part of the Bewan iBox home gateway and allows the 3G access point to work via a standard ADSL internet connection, so that mobile data and voice calls can be transmitted over the 3G core network.

Found in the Bewan IBox is a ADSL router, a 802.11g wireless access point, VoIP, and a private mobile base station.

With all these components, users will hopefully find that it is easier to set up a home network, as it drastically decreases the amounts of cables and devices that need to be used.

Additionally, it will help operators to reduce the costs of 3G installations as it eliminates the need for a 3G antenna and maintenance, while also allowing customers to access the 3G network at any time throughout the day or night.

Thus, operators can also extend the mobile coverage options that they provide at little extra cost.

Bewan has recently been nominated for the Femtocell Industry Awards this year, set to take place on June 24 in London, for its Femtocell residential gateway.

Its competitors include ip.access Ltd for the nano3G creation and Motorola Inc. for its new digital picture frame product line.


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