PlayStation phones on the horizon?

October 12, 2015

Sony Ericsson is considering tapping into Sony’s popular PlayStation and Bravia brands, to create a new range of high end handsets.

Sony in conjunction with NTT DoCoMo is already producing a Bravia phone with mobile TV features in Japan.

A PlayStation phone is also a distinct possibility, although Sony has been keen to stress that the technology required to produce the phone was a long way of being perfected.

As with any co-branding deal Sony has to assess the impact creating the phone will have, and ensure any handsets produced are high quality.

The company has already capitalised on it’s Cybershot and Walkman brands and created handsets aimed at “ young aspirational” customers.

This strategy has been hugely successful and has allowed the company to jump to number four in global market share of handsets. This is an impressive feat considering the tough competition from Nokia and Apple.


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