Troubles occur between Fast4 and EurISP over migrations

February 17, 2016

Fast4 is a broadband provider that does not appear on the news radar very frequently owing to its size, but is following this emergent item which revolves around the issues Fast4 say they are having in acquiring migration authorisation codes from its wholesale supplier EurISP.

This issue began when Fast4 asked for the codes for all its customers provisioned via the EurISP wholesale service. It appears that the problems started 15 days ago when it is thought that a succession of troubles in obtaining the migration authorisation codes has formed the dispute that is presently ongoing.

For providers dealing with end-users they must offer two methods for obtaining a MAC, but it is not plain if this condition applies to wholesale providers. Undoubtedly it would be logic for any wholesale provider to have an alternate system available.

One of the grounds for the new migration rules was the problems E7even had with its wholesale providers which was cited by Ofcom back in December 2006. This present situation implies that there may be range for additions to the rules to govern bulk migrations and with the wide diversity of wholesale broadband platforms available maybe Ofcom should oblige retail providers to inform end-users of modifications to the platform they are connected to.

Presently a provider who has a customer on a wholesale line rental and broadband deal could effortlessly shift customers to a full LLU solution, which at present can be a pricey and time consuming product to migrate away from at a later date.


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