People think mobile multimedia is still too expensive

August 4, 2017

3ple-Media released the results from its annual survey last year, which showed the top multimedia issues that still plague mobile providers, who face subscriber perceptions of what multimedia player usage should cost and what content services actually do cost.

According to the results of the survey, 78% of mobile subscribers view their mobile operator in the same way as an ISP Provider, which clearly displays the growing dependence on mobile broadband with a 12% increase over the results of last year.

Mobile operators apparently share the same view, with 72% of EMEA operators and 82% of AsiaPac operators reporting that they also view their services as similar to those of ISP Providers.

In terms of multimedia, the survey reported that 45% of the participants stated they subscribe to contracts which offer free mobile multimedia devices on their phone, which is a large rise from last year’s 12%.

The largest response for free multimedia services came from the EMEA regions, which showed a growth rate of about 36%.

However, 58% of subscribers think that mobile multimedia is too expensive to receive which, is a rise over last year’s percentage of 32%.

According to the survey, the problem could be alleviated with the use of mobile advertising content.

This is not a new concept but one that is just beginning to enter the market, with the New York Times in the US contemplating adding a monthly access fee to its website.

The final decision on New York Times access will be reached by August.


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