Comstar initiates modernisation plan

October 9, 2015

Comstar UTS a Russian telecoms group has announced it’s plan to modernise it’s network.

Comstar UTS’ NGN networks will be merged with it’s subsidiary MGTS,the entire network will then have it’s traffic capacity merged.

By merging the two networks, Comstar UTS hopes to avoid duplicating development investment, as well as general cost saving.

The chief of technology at Comstar UTS Alexander Kirillov, explained that the complete integration of the Comstar direct and MGTS networks will allow for an increase in the combined infrastructure.

This he says will improve the quality of the company’s broadband service as well as it’s other services.

The MGTS backbone service has already seen an upgrade to 40 Gbps. The Comstar Direct backbone service has also seen an increase from 20 Gbps to 40Gbps.


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