9,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots for iPhone users

June 17, 2016

From 11th July, O2 customers with an Apple iPhone will have free access to BT Openzone premier Wi-Fi hotspots.

O2 had originally decided that only customers who purchased a new 3G iPhone would be granted free Openzone hotspot access.

However, the latest announcement by 02 reveals a change of mind from the network provider.

BT Openzone’s Wi-Fi network has over 3,000 hotspot locations across the UK, including 13 city centres as well as airports, service stations, railway stations and coffee shops.

This brings the total number of Wi-Fi hotspots available for O2 iPhone customers to over 9,000.

O2 already has a deal with Wi-Fi hotspot provider The Cloud, with over 6,000 hotspot locations available for free to all O2 customers.

When free Wi-Fi is available, the iPhone chooses the service over 3G because of its automatic detection of the fastest available connection.

Wi-Fi browsing for iPhone users is unlimited, whereas 3G browsing has ‘fair usage’ limits.


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