Frost & Sullivan Reward ‘Aware’ For Its Growth

September 24, 2016

Highly respected industry analysts, Frost & Sullivan, have decided to give this year’s Award for Growth Excellence to Aware, Inc.

According to F&S the company has the edge when it comes to DSL test and diagnostics solutions.

They have an excellent track record when it comes to cutting-edge technology and they also carry a weighty portfolio of products and their customers like the service they receive.

F&S also point to Aware’s 49% per annum growth over the last five years as one of their reasons for selecting the company.

They have also had an element of luck with the ever increasing demand for triple play services boosting its roster of big corporate clients.

F&S were particularly impressed with the company’s Dr. DSL LDP as a very viable and cost effective way of ensuring high service levels and the ability to troubleshoot problems on subscriber lines.


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