Designer routers for a classy home

July 21, 2017

In the past, home routers served their purpose well, but did little to help dress up a room, however, Goldsmiths of the University of London is now working on a series of designer home routers that will perform well and be the subject of awe in your home office area.

Goldsmiths has been working with TalkTalk, the UK’s largest home broadband service to help create a vision of what the future routers of the world should look like and how they could become focal points within a modern home.

TalkTalk outlined four principals that Goldsmiths should keep in mind while designing the routers: home style, energy, efficiency, and single strength.

Mark Schmid of TalkTalk stated that routers are one of the best pieces of internet technology to open the door of the communication revolution, but you would never be able to tell if you looked closely at one.

Hence, with help from Goldsmiths, both companies aim to make the router something people will show off with pride.

The news follows an announcement by TalkTalk that it will not work with Phorm, which has been dogged by controversy over the methods of the online behavioural tracking firm.

BT has also decided against rolling out Phorm as well.


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