Acme Packet Launches New Session Border Controller

September 18, 2016

Acme Packet has announced its new Net-Net 4500, that sits in terms of price conveniently between their Net-Net 4250 and Net-Net 9200 as a new variation of the 4000 series units.

This new session border control solution is said to double capacity of previous 4000 units.

This means it can offer 100% more multiservice security gateway (MSG) and session routing proxy (SRP) product configurations.

The 4500 is aimed at the large enterprise and contact centre requirements, at both network access and interconnect border points.

The company has launched the unit in response to a dramatic increase in the consumer use of IP-based interactive communications across all markets.

This is resulting in service providers pouring resources into making their networks considerably larger.

VoIP use is also mushrooming pushing providers to expand session capacity.

Then there is the expansion of Wi-Fi or femtocell access points for fixed-mobile convergence, which will need more security conscious platforms that utilise high-IPsec tunnel capacity.

Infonetics Research recently pointed to session capacity and performance from service providers as the most essential requirements for VoIP’s future expansion.

The company is confident that the 4500 can cope with these needs and can aid in dealing with the much required capacity to cope with all these new users.

They say that there is considerable enhancement over the 4250.

For SBC configurations, the Net-Net 4500 processes up to 160% more messages per second (MPS) for SIP, H.323, SIP-H.323 interworking and MGCP, optimizing the number of calls per second (CPS) that the network can accommodate.

With a 100% increase in media capacity to 64,000 sessions, the Net-Net 4500 eases the transition to next-generation services and applications, such as interactive video, that generate more media flows per session.

As an SRP, the Net-Net 4500 supports 2 million local routing rules, 100% more than the Net-Net 4250.

This expansion can reduce the number of routing elements required in many networks, reducing overall complexity and cost.

When operating as an MSG, the Net-Net 4500 supports 512,000 IPsec tunnels for backhauling SIP or GSM traffic over untrusted networks from femtocells or dual-mode endpoints.

This is 300% more than the Net-Net 4250, greatly reducing the cost per tunnel.

The Net-Net 4500 also delivers enhanced security capabilities in SBC or MSG configurations with the ability to support up to 300% more dynamic access control list (ACL) entries.

Dynamic access control protects both the Net-Net 4500 and core service infrastructure from attacks and overloads.


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