Dell acquires remote management company

November 17, 2015

US technology corporation Dell has acquired Everdream, a privately-held software-as-a-service provider of remote service management. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Everdream specialises in web-based services that allow administrators to remotely manage individual workstations. The services include remote security, document and data management along with general maintenance.

Upon completion, Everdream’s services will be bundled with services Dell acquired from its acquisition of Silverback Technologies earlier this year.

With the acquisition, Dell hopes that the new service bundle will allow it to offer its enterprise customers the ability to run their entire IT operations from a remote office.

On-demand services have been a major part of Dell’s revamped enterprise strategy. Remote management has been listed by the company as one of the key selling points of its Vostro SME campaign.


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