SwissQual’s quality measurement solutions for WIMAX networks

April 3, 2016

SwissQual Diversity is a quality measurement platform that provides simultaneous, end-to-end testing for voice, data and video. The Diversity Network Optimisation and Benchmarking system is now able to support WiMAX technology.

It is a highly scalable drive test solution offering network benchmarking, optimisation and service monitoring. SwissQual Diversity is already in use with more than 70 customers in 50 countries.

Diversity is designed to help service providers identify interference issues and cell site configuration problems enabling a rapid deployment and smooth on going maintenance of the network. More importantly, it can also show a direct comparison of the quality delivered by a new WiMAX network versus that available from existing networks running other technologies.

The Diversity test platform provides the ability to test WiMAX data cards, network elements and services from the early stages of development through final operation. This allows design, optimisation and quality assurance engineers faster and more cost-efficient work.

The test types supported include FTP, UDP, HTTP, video streaming, email, VoIP call and many others.

SwissQual is an independent Swiss company specialising in the quality of service measurement and monitoring of fixed and mobile telecommunication networks, serving more than 100 customers in over 50 countries.

SwissQual offers a wide range of solutions to suit most needs including laboratory testing, radio network optimisation and benchmarking. It is also well-known for its pioneering work in voice and video perceptual quality measures. The company invests heavily in research and development and will make further major new product announcements throughout 2016.


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