Mindbridge audio conferencing services launched by Reliance Global Call

January 13, 2018

Reliance Global Call, the leading global Web-based calling card services provider, today announced the launch of Mindbridge audio conferencing services for people based in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia.

This is a cost-effective, efficient and convenient service that will enable families spread around the world to come together on the same call.

Mindbridge audio conferencing service enables customers to enjoy a conference call amongst family and friends from over 40 countries.

While audio conferencing is an old established product in the enterprise space, there is no such global service positioned toward consumers.

This great value add for Reliance Global Call customers is sure to bring families around the world closer, and sets a new paradigm in the way they meet and connect.

With this new way of interacting, existing customers wanting to avail of this service can use their own accounts and do not have to re-register.

The service package starts from as low as USD $10 and can be recharged at convenient denominations of USD $10, USD $20 and USD $30.

Viren Sahni, a Reliance Global Call user for the past two years, is extremely excited about this new service, which he helped test.

He said, “Mindbridge has helped me connect to all my childhood friends, all of whom are now located all across the world. It has helped us recreate the good old days we had together as kids and celebrate every special occasion together!”

Commenting on the new service roll-out, Michael Sauer, president, Global Voice, Reliance Globalcom said, “Our consumer audio conferencing service stems from our commitment to our customers to keep offering value added services that allow them to stay closer to their families and friends around the world.

“Availability of audio conferencing for the consumer segment will lead to new revenue upsides for Reliance Global Call.”


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