TextMagic releases Bulk SMS Gateway API

August 7, 2017

Developers can now integrate TextMagic’s bulk SMS services into web and back office applications with the release of TextMagic’s opensource Bulk SMS Gateway API.

The API is compatible with Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl applications.

“TextMagic’s SMS Gateway API helps developers capitalise on the continually expanding text messaging market by allowing them to enhance existing applications or create new custom text messaging applications,” said Priit Vaikmaa, TextMagic marketing manager.

Applications can be created to cost-effectively send and receive text messages, and to check the delivery status of sent messages, Vaikmaa said.

“Developers can also send large group text messages, build 2 Way SMS systems, communicate in any language and create sub-accounts to manage multiple API users, among other capabilities,” he added.

“We’re excited to see how developers will capitalize on our software’s functionality and network to create applications that uniquely meets the needs of developers and businesses.”

Developers can access 24-hour support at the TextMagic SMS Gateway API Google Group.

TextMagic’s bulk SMS service allows businesses and organisations to reach a potential 3 billion mobile phone users around the world.


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