Overseas video download costs £50 per minute

March 27, 2017

Mobile users can be charged up to £250 for downloading a 5 minute video clip whilst abroad, Broadband Expert has discovered.

Research by the price comparision site found that the cost of overseas downloading varies dramatically depending on your mobile network.

Orange is the most expensive network inside the EU, charging £3.94 per Mb.

T-Mobile costs the most outside the EU, at £7.50 per Mb.

Vodafone is the cheapest both inside and outside the EU.

Inside the EU, Vodafone charges £9.99 per day for up to 50Mb of downloads (equivalent to 20p per Mb); outside the EU the network charges £4.99 per Mb.

The news comes as a surprise after reports last week that a Vodafone customer came home to a £22,000 bill after downloading some TV shows whilst on a ski-ing holiday.

However, Vodafone waived the bill and said that the customer in question was on an out-of-date tariff sold through a third-party retailer.

Rob Webber, commerical director at Broadband Expert, said: “Information relating to mobile broadband charges abroad is often hard to find on many providers websites leaving customers open to excessive charges.”

He added that consumers planning to use their mobile abroad this summer should first read the small print on their contract and should avoid downloading Mb-heavy content such as music and videos.


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