Product Of The Year Awarded To Streamezzo

July 8, 2016

Each year Technology Marketing Corporation’s (TMC) Communications Solutions magazine awards one product for their contribution to the industry.

The 2015 Product of the Year Award was given to Streamezzo for their Universal Software Platform™ which powers the Mobile Internet as well as bypassing the issue of fragmentation between devices.

The Universal Software Platform™ is also used for design and development of rich media for mobile devices, and can be operated by any group looking to create mobile applications.

It is Streamezzo’s client that provides the necessary bridge between the myriad of differing mobile infrastructures.

Communications Solutions bestows the award to the company whose products have shown the most innovation and vision in the field of voice, data, and video communications.

The award is highly prized, and is among the highest of accolades available within the industry.

Rich Tehrani, President of TMC, praised Streamezzo for their The Universal Software Platform™, saying that the company had identified a new demand from within the market and had created a product to supply the market with precisely what was required.

Streamezzo’s staff where also mentioned for their outstanding quality of service.

With the advent of the Mobile Internet, the industry faced their biggest hurdle yet, technology fragmentation.

That is where Streamezzo stepped in and built a platform from which rich media applications could be designed, developed, deployed, and managed, without having to be re-written to function equally on differing devices.

The Universal Software Platform™ gives users the ability to create and publish applications, through the use of Rich Media Authoring Tools, service delivery methods, via a Run-Time Environment, and a utility to allow users to manage and update content already online through the use of Back-End Management Tools.

Add to all that Streamezzo’s thoughtful inclusion of their Software Component Suit™, which is comprised of pre-built software applets that take much of the time out of the creation of modern mobile services, as there are a multitude of program types to choose from.

In a statement released by Streamezzo, the company said that they are highly honoured by the accolade awarded to them, and that they have no intention of slowing down now, as they have over 250 mobile devices compatible world-wide, and a software platform that breaks down the fragmentation barrier.


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