Orange launches M6 Mobile

March 7, 2016

Orange has launched M6 Mobile, a mobile TV plan providing unlimited live access to six M6 group channels: M6, W9, M6 Music Hits, M6 Music Rock and Fun TV.

The key brand of France Telecom, Orange has also launched a portal for TV and multimedia called ‘Inside M6 Mobile.’

With unlimited access available from Orange World, and on the web from, Inside M6 Mobile offers a range of new exclusive content and free VIP services. These include a virtual VIP Pass (displayed on the mobile screen) for regular shopping and cinema discounts; sneak previews to M6 auditions, taking part in the audience for the channel’s shows, exclusive invitations to concerts, contests, forums, and the chance to meet stars from M6.

There will also be exclusive content, edited and adapted for mobile browsing including videos, film trailers, clips, behind the scenes, series, photos, shows and news, together with community tools for sharing and commenting on M6 content.

With a strategy of innovative programmes and an off-beat tone, M6 is essentially a family channel. It has managed to attract both adult viewers and a young audience. M6 has embraced the digital revolution as a multi-media group. It prepares and centralises all the channel’s content varieties, from its mobile TV offer to online video and TV services.


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