M2M communications to soar

September 24, 2017

M2M (machine to machine] communications are expected to triple by 2014 according to a study by ABI research.

M2M technology involves machines communicating with each other via a wireless connection.

The ways this technology could be applied are endless; traffic control for instance.

Sensors can monitor traffic speed and volume, and send this information to computers which can then adjust the phasing of traffic lights to maximize traffic flow.

Tony Holcombe, the CEO of messaging specialist Syniverse, believes that devices such as Amazon’s Kindle e-reader will drive the take-up of M2M.

Kindle uses mobile networks to download electronic newspapers and books.

Holcombe believes that M2M message is about to take off because the global network of roaming agreements needed for M2M communications is in place, while costs have fallen significantly.

Some industry experts believe that three out of four SIM cards worldwide will be M2M in the not too distant future.


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