WiMAX Forum reels in CEO of Yota

September 19, 2017

WiMAX Forum announced yesterday that the CEO of Yota, Dennis Sverdlov, is the newest member of its Board of Directors.

Yota provides Russia with 4G WiMAX mobile internet services.

President and chairman of the WiMAX forum, Ron Resnick, said that with the ecosystem of WiMax growing and thriving globally, the addition of Yota is an excellent inclusion since they are already a leader in broadband wireless services.

Resnick also said that the Forum Board of Directors aims to bring in a group of diverse members of the wireless industry so that they can enable everyone across the world to have access to wireless next generation broadband.

Sverdlov took over as CEO of Yota in May of 2015 and before this post he was a member and shareholder of the Board at Korus Consulting.

He also spent four years at Korus Consulting in sales management.

Before he started to work with Korus Consulting, Sverdlov developed his own business in automated systems for enterprises called IT-Vision.

Sverdlov stated that Yota is the first company from Russia to have a member on the Forum Board of Directors at WiMAX, which will help the wireless broadband technology be propelled not only throughout Russia but the world.

According to the WiMAX Forum, by 2018 800 million people will be able to access the WiMAX networks which should help Motorola since it has a wide portfolio of infrastructure and devices for WiMAX.

In fact, just a few weeks ago Motorola announced it now has two more devices available for the WiMax network as well as a new WAP 650 access point that has built in 4×4 technologies.


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