New Concepts Make Small Communities a Viable Operation

September 10, 2016

Altobridge is claiming to have made a couple of major breakthroughs in the area of delivering voice and data services to small enterprises and domestic communities in the world’s more remote regions.

If viable, these solutions would prove a winner for the US and Asian based company.

They claim that their Split-BSC Architecture enables vendors to “keep local calls local” resulting in lower transmission costs when these calls are backhauled.

At the same time, this architecture releases additional capacity by reducing dependence on costly satellite bandwidth, by avoiding “Always On” satellite use and instead switching to an “On Demand” system.

They are presenting their wares at a conference in Rio Brazil this week. This would obviously be a prime market for rural communications with such vast sparsely populated areas away from the few big cities.

Altobridge will be putting forward the bold claim that the system is the “world’s most cost effective for rural communities”.

They say that operators using a standard 1 TRX IP GSM over VSAT installation cannot come near to the savings available with their new solution.

They also claim that each individual site could make savings of several thousand dollars per year in operating costs.

This would mean that areas that were, up to now, not a financially viable option would now become within the range of reasonable profit margins, even in very small and isolated communities.

It is the On Demand Feature that makes this a viable proposition, saving large amounts of cash by not keeping satellite usage switched on when not in use.

This combines very efficiently with the “local” call aspect to make a cost effective solution for almost any location.

It will even be practical for communities as small as 50 subscribers, a previously totally impractical figure.

This would be an ideal solution in many South American locations as well as some other regions the company already operates in such as Malaysia, and Mongolia



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