BT launches mobile broadband

October 21, 2016

British Telecom has teamed up with mobile operator Vodafone to offer its small business customers mobile broadband internet access.

BT Business Mobile Broadband is available as a stand alone package for £17.50 + VAT per month, or bundled for free alongside BT Business Total Broadband package options 2 and 3.

Option 2 costs £26.99 + VAT per month, whilst Option 3 costs £40.50 + VAT.

Both include fixed line broadband access as well as 2,000 free minutes access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.

Option 2 includes anti-virus and anti-spam protection, a free router, and free telephone support. Option 3 includes access to an IT support manager and security software for up to five computers.

Bundled mobile broadband has a data download limit of 1GB, whilst the standalone package has a 3GB limit. Additional data is charged at 10p per megabyte.

Customers signing up to BT mobile broadband will access the network using a USB stick that links in to Vodafone’s HSUPA network.

The offer is only available to customers signing up to BT or renewing a contract; upgrades to mobile broadband are not available to current customers.

Customers testing BT’s mobile broadband service have complained that despite the high speed of mobile broadband, BT has decided to compress images, meaning that the display is ‘murky’.

Vodafone’s own-brand mobile broadband does not compress images.


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