Qualcomm wins 40 MHz UK radio spectrum

May 19, 2016

Qualcomm Inc, a US-based mobile technology company, has acquired 40 MHz of UK radio spectrum, for £8.3m, which could be used for mobile TV, wireless broadband or satellite radio.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, auctioned the spectrum earlier this month.

The spectrum is within the L-band, between 1452 and 1492MHz, which much of the world uses for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio transmissions.

Qualcom hasn’t yet revealed what it plans to use the spectrum for, but there is growing speculation that it has purchased the spectrum with its MediaFLO mobile-TV standard in mind.

Qualcom beat several other companies in the auction, including WorldSpace UK Ltd, Adolphus Ltd, and Arqiva Ltd.

The auction was part of Ofcom’s plan to release a total of 400 megahertz of spectrum, plus the spectrum released through the switchover to digital television.


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