EtherFLEX Operating System Announced By Hatteras

July 2, 2016

Hatteras Networks has announced the release of its new operating system, titled EtherFLEX Operating System™ (EOS) and service architecture, which will allow for the use of Ethernet connections through fiber.

This will give providers the opportunity to reliably supply users with intuitive high-end Ethernet services.

Hatteras has made a name for itself by offering service providers the ability to upgrade the services they offer, with hardware and wiring already in place.

Previously, businesses had to use fiber footprint based solutions, however now Hatteras are offering a means of utilising in-place copper facilities for 45Mb per second Mid-Band Ethernet solutions.

This has been accomplished by moving from legacy Frame Relay, ATM, and T1 or E1 connections to using transparent Ethernet connection solutions for voice and data services.

Co-founder and principal analyst at Infonetics Research, Michael Howard, spoke about Hatteras’s success in the Ethernet market since its inception.

Howard went on to praise EOS for its unique design and Ethernet backhaul capabilities.

EOS has a lot to live up to, as Hatteras has stated that it would be able to offer not only Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), but also Transparent LAN Services, Private Line Ethernet, and layered VoIP services, whilst reducing the need for OPEX and CAPEX and eliminating the need for more than one Ethernet switch or router, by leveraging self-contained service delivery engines to Ethernet optical switching platforms.

One of EOS’s primary features is the leveraging it offers to service providers for both faster and increased revenue and raised profits on services.

EOS does this by giving the service provider further reach than their optical switch footprint would have otherwise allowed them, without the need to auto-backhaul traffic through an upstream optical switch or router.

New clients can be set up faster and are more intuitive, because of the easy-to-loop qualification solutions and deployment options.

Support for the EOS is also very flexible, as multiple utilities can be offered via fiber.

Contained within EtherFLEX™ are three core elements which, though being separate and distinct, work together to offer a full architecture which will adapt to changing requirements for service providers in the future.

The separate aspects are SERVflex™, SUREflex™, and FASTflex™, which provide a self-contained Service Delivery Engine, architectural support for meeting Service Level Agreements, and automated service configurations, respectively.

CEO of Hattaras Networks, Kevin Sheehan, spoke about the advancements in service creation and deployment, revenue generation, and staying up to date even with the continuing advancements in Ethernet-over-copper, because of the EOS.

EOS will be demonstrated during NXTcomm at the Las Vegas Convention Center later this month.


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